Positive Effects of a Clean Workplace to Your Employees 

An average employee spends around 160 to 200 hours in an office. If you are a type of a leader, boss or manager who wants to give his employees and the company as a whole the best of everything, then you should make sure that your working environment is overall clean. Providing your workers with a clean and organized office can certainly give you a wide variety of positive effects. Aside from the fact that it can give your employees motivation, it also enables them to focus on all their goals. A clean and organized working environment can also prevent the germs and bacteria from spreading, reducing sick leaves and leading to a more productive and stable workflow. 

This is especially true for all companies, whether you are a startup or a well-established one. Well-maintained and clean offices can give positive effects on your employee’s overall well-being. It can even create a domino effect on the workplace, the work produced, as well the future of the company. In this article, we have gathered some of the many benefits you can get from establishing a clean and well-maintained workplace.  

Improved Motivation 

No one would certainly want to stay in a messy, cluttered and dirty office for 8 hours or more. Having a clean working environment will not only make your office more pleasant to the eyes of your employees, potential and existing clients, as well as customers but it can also motivate all the people that work for your company. A clean and organized cubicles or desks can certainly make your workers happy as they can be able to focus more on their tasks. Working in a clean and fresh environment can also get your workers in the mood to provide high quality work, giving them a sense of pride. When your employees are motivated to work every day, it will be much easier and faster to them to achieve their goals and exceed the expectations you have for them.  

As a matter of fact, it is not just the cubicle, chairs, desks and the surroundings that have to been cleaned, but the computer and its components as well. Recent studies have shown that the keyboard of a computer is much dirtier compared to an average toilet. This can also serve as a breeding ground to about 3,300 microbes per square that can lead us to the next benefit below.  


According to experts, a clean and organized environment can greatly improve an individual’s overall sense of wellbeing as well as reduces anxiety. Germs thrive in warm, stuffy environments so it’s important that your workplace has a good ventilation system. If possible, it pays to open windows daily to let the natural light and fresh air in. In order to completely kill germs, you will need to use a specialized product to keep them from spreading or infecting other things inside the office.  

If you really want to reduce the sick leaves of your employees, you must clean everything up. From food debris scattered on the keyboard of a computer to a broken air conditioning system as well as a malfunctioning toilet flush, you should act fast as it can spread illness. If your office has a malfunctioning toilet flush, call a professional plumbing company like Plumber Pompano Beach right away to make sure that the toilet in your office is clean at all times. Dirty toilets can also make your employees sick and once they start to get sick, it is much harder to control the spreading of infection when you have a dirty and messy working environment. Therefore, you should always remember to keep things clean in your workplace and you’re almost guaranteed to lessen those sick leaves to a bare minimum. 

You should not also underestimate the effects that a clean working environment can give to your employee’s mental health. Physical clutter usually leads to mental clutter and that can have a great impact on a lot of things especially when it comes to your office. A messy place can get your employees feel unhappy quickly, or they may start to wish they were somewhere else. A lot of people find dirty and messy places rather oppressive and that is no environment to work in. 


The safety of your employees is also very important to you as a leader. And, keeping your working environment clean can simply prove to be a really helpful tool in your battle against accidents. As a matter of fact, a clean workplace prevents falls and slips, providing a much safer environment for your worker. 

What Builds a Positive Working Environment? 

One factor that can influence the work quality of your employees aside from the job scope is the working environment. A workplace is everything that forms the part of every worker’s involvement with their work, like the organizational culture, relationship with supervisors and co-workers, as well as room for personal improvement. 

Positive workplaces can make motivate every employee to go to work every day, making them even more productive throughout the day. 

If you are seeking for a new job, we can say that assessing the environment of the workplace is the most important step that you must never neglect. After all, what you are looking for is a place that you might spend most of your time on in the future and you definitely wouldn’t want to end up dragging yourself to the office every single morning. 

Due to the wide variety of jobs available nowadays, this article might sound a bit generic and may not also apply to all kinds of jobs. Below, you can be able to know what certain aspects make up a positive working environment. 

1. Open and Transparent Communication 

Essentially, an open and transparent form of communication caters the need of the workers to feel that everything they say has value. It’s also what makes your team feel that they are accepted, appreciated, and that they belong in your organization. Because of that, the workflow will become more stable and meaningful since the team knows that everything that they are contributing to the project will be appreciated. 

Thus, it is essential for the employees to discuss the values, mission and philosophy of the organization once in a while during meetings, retreats etc., to make sure that all your staffs know what they are working for other than their salary. In addition to that, having open discussions get your employees involved, allowing them to share their perspectives and views on how attain the goals of the company. After that, the management can then give their personal perspective on how to achieve the mission of the organization. 

2. Give and Take Communication 

This certain way of open communication will help break down the hurdles that usually happen in bureaucratic or hierarchical organizations. As a result, it can promote trust in daily interactions between colleagues, as well as between supervisors and subordinates. Due to this communication, everyone will become even more united to work together to attain the mission of the organization. If this is practiced in a working environment, mutual respect among all workers will be practices, regardless of their position at work. It is because employees will never be afraid anymore to give suggestions that can help improve the workflow process, thus in return, benefiting all the workers in the organization. 

3. Work-Life Balance 

In order to become a more positive and productive person, there has to be a balance between your personal life and work. Generally, having that balance will help improve job satisfaction among workers since they will start to feel that there are not overlooking the other sides of their personal lives that are more important to them compared to their job. 

When workers fulfill their various goals and needs in life, like those of friends, family, self-growth, spiritual pursuits, etc, they can be able to feel more confident and motivated, enabling them to give the best of their ability at work. Aside from that, employees that are more exposed to experiences in the real life outside their work can utilize what they have gained as well as apply those experiences and wisdom to their work, promoting a more stabilized and productive outcome. Simply put, work-life balance promotes out of the box form of thinking and creativity. 

4. Appreciation 

Good workers or employees are often referred to as those individuals who put in tons of effort as well s sacrificed their own time just to perform really well in their work. As a matter of fact, there are really some employees that are workaholics. They are those people who would rather neglect the other aspects of their personal life in exchange for quality work. 

Managers, leaders or bosses have all the responsibility to show that this certain worker habit is not right through giving rewards to employees who are able to maintain excellent balance habits between their work and personal time (for example: those employees leaving work on time so they can have dinner with the family) and can still manage to give high quality work. 

Aside from all these, it is also imperative that your working environment is clean to avoid your employees from getting sick as it can also be a factor that can lead to unproductivity. One of the many ways to make sure that your working environment is in a good state is through hiring a professional plumbing company like Plumber Pompano Beach. They can inspect, repair and maintain the entire plumbing system in your office so that no water leak can occur in the washroom or bathroom of your office. Leaking pipes can actually cause moisture to the surface or floor of the bathroom and can breed a lot of sickness-causing germs and bacteria. This bacteria can spread all over the working environment and can probably cause your employees to get sick.